Aquagear vs Brita | Which is the Best Pitcher in 2022?

If you are worried about your water quality and know water pitcher filters, you’ll also know well about Brita.

Brita has become a synonym for filtered water in the US, from its great performance over more than 50 years.

Many brands claim their alkaline water filtering benefits and give better results than other competitors.

Aquagear water pitcher is one of them, which we found with great performance.

Maybe you have some doubts about their capability, features, performance, and quality.

Don’t worry we have collected all this information and given it below in our article about Aquagear vs Brita water filter pitcher.

You can get all the detailed information and determine which filter is The Best Water Filter Pitcher 2022 for you and how.

So let’s get and reveal this information.

Aquagear vs Brita General Specifications

Aquagear vs Brita


Aquagear water filter pitcher is the best for maximum contaminant remover.

It is manufactured in the USA with sustainability and durability in mind.

It keeps good minerals like calcium and magnesium for clean water and great-tasting as bottled water.


Brita longlast everyday pitcher is the best in lead removal performance that provides you healthier clean water with the latest filter technology.

It cut the odor and taste of chlorine and gives a fantastic invigorated water taste for your need.

Brita filter pitcher is quick, powerful, and produced pure water at an economical price.

Aquagear vs Brita Water Filter Pitcher Design

Water filter pitcher comparison chart.

BrandAquagearBrita Everyday
Model Pitcher36428
Height10.9 in.10.47 in
Width5.5 in.5.59 in
Length/Depth10.9 in.10.94 in
Item Weight3.02 pounds2.88 pounds
Capacity8 cups10 cups
MaterialsBPA Free PlasticBPA Free Plastic
ColorWhiteBlack, Turquoise


The handgrip is user-friendly and uniquely designed for long-term use.

Premium design made with BPA-free food-grade recyclable plastic for sustainability with health.

The pitcher is available with Height 10.9 \”; Width 5.5 \”; Length/Depth 10.9 \” and Weight 3.02 pounds.


The Brita water pitcher filter fits well on refrigerator shelves. It has an easy-fill locking lid, which makes it easy to pour water.

Manufactured with food-grade BPA Free recyclable plastic.

Brita Longlast everyday comes with a Height of 10.47 in, Width of 5.59 in, Length/Depth of 10.94 in, and weight of 2.88 pounds.

The customers have given many reviews about Brita filters related to design, which helps to find the best from Aquagear vs Brita pitcher.


Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher – Lead, Chlorine,

+ It may take a little longer to refill, but the larger capacity means you will refill less often.

+ Aquagear water pitcher has an impressive capacity, and I have no complaints or corrections after use for 6 months.

+ User-friendly experience, you can taste the difference in your tap water after the filter. I like that Aquagear products are manufactured in America and have a recycling program.

+Aquagear 8 cup filter takes less than 3 minutes, and the pours spout feature allows hands-free water filling with amazing clean water taste.

+I really love the lid feature, which makes it easy to use and refill water. Finally, we found the best Aquagear filter pitcher with clean, crisp, great-tasting alkaline water in the UK.

+ It has a large capacity but is still compatible with the refrigerator door and is dishwasher safe.

 +Aquagear water filter pitcher is a more effective great product, and I really love effortless water filling.

– Some time water spills everywhere due to a loose lid. So, hold it with both hands.


Brita Longlast Everyday Water Filter Pitcher, Turquoise, Large 10 Cup

+Great water tastes with 10 cups of capacity at an economical price and Best for Well Water.

+Pitcher truly has a very sleek look and gives invigorated water as well.

+10 cups capacity is perfect for our small-size family to fulfill our daily water needs.

+The pitcher has a sticker indicator that works to know when you need to replace the water filter. That’s a great option.

+A pitcher is perfect for small families and looks nice on the dinner table. That is the best water pitcher for me according to my water.

+Easy to change the filter and looks good on the countertop.

-Perfect and comfortable handle, which I love, the only flaw being the “filter replacement sticker” that I don’t like much.

+The pitcher has a slim size and doesn’t take much space. So, it is the best water pitcher for a mini-fridge.

-Sometimes, I face the leakage issue with the pitcher.

How do they work?

How Does Aquagear Filter Work?  

Aquagear is the best water filter pitcher that uses ion exchanging Resins and activated carbon for removing a variety of chemicals and volatile organic blends that other water filters cannot.

The purification process is combined with mechanical filtration, which traps microbial cysts like dust, sand, and bits of rust from your drinking water.

Aquagear has an upper reservoir that you need to fill with tap water. Then the water flows through the filter and is stored in the pitcher. 

After it has been filtered, you can pour it into a glass to drink or cook.

How Does Brita Filter Work?  

Brita filters use activated carbon with ion exchange resin to purify your drinking water. 

The company has not disclosed the exact process, but it can provide a good overview of how activated charcoal and ion-exchange filtering systems work.

According to the Water Filter Company, activated charcoal pores trap larger particles.

In turn, negatively charged carbon filters attract negatively charged ions from smaller alkaline water contaminants. The mesh screen size determines the filter effectiveness.

The Brita company is a well-known manufacturer of standalone filters and installed filtration systems.

Standalone water filters include dispensers and portable pitchers, or fixed water filtration systems include refrigerator and faucet filters.

Aquagear vs Brita Features

HandleOpen handleD-shape
Filter Life IndicatorNoSticker
Cleaning and CareHand washHand wash
Water Quality MeterNoNo
ExtrasLifetime Warranty, 100% BPA-free, Recyclable90 Days Warranty, 100% BPA-free, Recyclable


Aquagear filter tested and made in the USA. So, you can trust its quality and 20x more harmful contaminants removed than the competitors.

It has a lifetime guarantee with first-day customer support. The filter will replace any brakes free of cost.


Brita Longlast and Standard filters are compatible with all Brita pitchers.

The pitcher has a sticker change indicator that lets you know when to change the filter.

You can replace 1,800 single-use plastic alkaline water bottles in a year and reduce the plastic waste from the environment.

Aquagear vs Brita Water Filtration

CertificationsNSF 42, 53NSF 42, 53
Filter TypeLead/fluoride filter, Five stage filter with 2-micron poresActivated carbon, Ion-exchange resin, Built-in mesh screens
Filter Life  150 gallons, 6 Months  Standard – 40 gallons, 2 Months Longlast – 120 gallons, 6 Months  
Compatible Filters  Compatible with Aquagear Pitcher  Compatible with all Brita Pitchers except Stream Pitcher  
Filtration ResultsChromium 6 – 99.4%, Chloramines – 99.9%, Mercury – 97.8%, Trihalomethanes – 99.0%, Chlorine – 99.9%, Fluoride – 90.57%, Lead – 99.9%, Arsenic – 99.8%, Benzene – 98.7%, Thallium – 99.9%, Nitrate – 97.6%, Nitrite – 92.0%, Chloroform – 98.7%, Heavy metal, Remove over 50 VOCsReduces chlorine taste and odor, Lead, Reduces copper, Reduces mercury, Reduces zinc, Benzene, Asbestos, Particulates, Reduces cadmium impurities, Additional Contaminants
Filter Not Removemicrobiological contaminants like bacteria and virusesBarium, Arsenic, Coliform Bacteria, Chloramine.  


Aquagear Vs Brita filter

The filter is certified by NSF standards 42 and 53 for contaminants removed from your tap water.

Aquagear water filter life span is effective and needs to replace after producing 150-gallons or every 6 months.

A filter may take between 5 and 15 minutes to filter completely, depending on your water quality.

If you compare the Aquagear filter with Brita, you will find it is smaller than the Brita filters.

It is made from eco-friendly coconut shells and activated carbon media that removes chlorine and lead.

Aquagear NSF standards filter has ion exchange materials for heavy metals.

It has a long list of contaminants removal that sets it apart from its competitors, including Brita.

What does the Aquagear filter NOT remove?

Now, this is important.

Use Aquagear filter only with treated tap water as like most pitchers, because the filter it uses does not remove microbiological like bacteria and viruses.


Brita Longlast Water Filter Pitcher

Brita has two filters: Standard (White)and LongLast (Blue), certified with NSF 42, 53.

A filter takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes for both Standard and LongLast filters to fill water in the pitcher.

Brita Longlast and Standard filters can’t filter Barium, Arsenic, Coliform Bacteria, and Chloramine.

Standard filter – Needs to change after 40 gallons or every 2 months and takes approximately 10 minutes to filter water.

They filter by sending water through a built-in mesh screen that blocks black carbon particles.

After that, the filter passes water through activated carbon and uses absorption to decrease harmful contaminants.

The presence of ion exchange resin reduces zinc, copper, heavy metal, and cadmium from your water.

LongLast water filter works almost identically, but with a long life of 6 months and produces 120 gallons.

The filter uses pleated patented media and active proprietary filtration agents that can easily remove contaminants from tap water.

The customers have given many reviews related to water filtration pitchers, which helps find the best from Aquagear vs Brita pitchers.


+I have Aquagear filter for about 4 weeks and no doubt that this is the best filter I have ever used.

+The filter works well, and I’m giving 5 stars in overall performance because this filter performs better than other higher-priced filters.

+I purchased an Aquagear water filter pitcher from Walmart to remove fluoride from my water because I know that, it is not good for infants before their teeth come in. This filter can remove fluoride and gives clean drinking water.

+ Thanks to Aquagear for making a filter and picture that are economical and filter out maximum contaminants from my water. I always recommend this pitcher.

-The Aquagear filter works wonderful, but the pitcher has a terrible design as compared to Brita and Zero water. You can’t know how close the water level is when filling the water. The pitcher required two hands to operate during the water pour.


+Great Brita water pitcher. My pitcher doesn’t leak unless I overfill it!

So, avoid the reviewers complaining about the leak issue.

+Looks perfect works excellent, and filter great. But you have to follow the Brita instructions for better results and avoid leak issues.

+It can easily pure your tap or well water, and everyone should need one. The filter is easy to wash and gives a user-friendly experience.

+The filter can provide tasty water as packed bottled water.

+I am a Brita satisfied customer for many years because Brita filters are more effective, easy to maintain, and the best water filter pitcher in the market.

Pros and Cons

Aquagear Filter

  • Full Lifetime warranty
  • Quality product made in the USA
  • Maintain healthy minerals
  • Long-lasting filter
  • Perfect ergonomic design
  • Five-stage water filtration system
  • The materials are environmentally friendly.
  • Can’t remove additional salt
  • No filter change reminder
  • A little expensive
  • Flap on spout sometimes sticks

Brita Filter

  • Easy to assemble & use.
  • Ideal for every household.
  • Compatible with both Longlast and Standard filters
  • Latest filtration technology
  • BPA free plastic body
  • Affordably priced filter
  • Sticker indicator
  • Leakage issue
  • It takes a while to filter.

Models & Upfront Cost

Aquagear Models

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher – Lead, Chlorine,

Aquagear is available in one pitcher model, a combination of white and transparent light blue.

It makes with a BPA-free plastic design having 8 cups of alkaline water capacity.

The Aquagear water pitcher costs online approximately $116 on 16/04/2021, which is small expensive than Brita’s.

Aquagear pitcher has a lifetime warranty, which is a satisfying point to get your money’s worth.

Brita models

Brita Longlast Everyday Water Filter vs Aquagear

There are 15 types of pitchers in different colors and capacities right now in the market.

All filters and pitchers are made with BPA-free recyclable plastic.

Brita’s price range is between $20 to $45 depending on the size of the models.

The list of Brita’s available models in the market:

Ultramax Dispenser, Rapids Stream, Everyday Stream, Monterey, Ultraslim Dispenser, Metro, Soho, Pacifica, Space-Saver, Grand, Lake, Wave.

Filter Lifespan & Replacement Costs

Find the best cost-effective replacement filter from the given information and get the best option from Aquagear vs Brita.

Aquagear Filters

One of the best-filtered water cartridge options is currently available.

Aquagear filter replacement cost is around $40 to $50, depending on where you get it, and compare much higher than Brita’s LongLast filter.

Although, no doubt Brita is the better value for money with the same lifespan for over half the cost.

But you need to remember that Aquagear is more efficient in contaminant removal than Brita filters.

So, you can argue that you are spending extra cost for a more accurate water filtration pitcher work.

Brita Filters

Standard – The replacement filter cost is different according to the type of filter. Standard and Stream filter cartridges need to replace after every 2 months.

The cost will be $6 to $7, depending on where you get them.

It will totally cost around $35 to $40 for a complete 12-month supply, which is affordable.

Longlast – LongLast water filters have a 6-month good lifespan, and the cost of a filter cartridge is around $17. It is a better deal than the standard filter.

The longlast filter has three times more life than the Standard filter but doesn’t quite cost three times as much.


What is the point of use (POU) water filters?

POU system purifies your drinking water right where you use it, like an individual tap, shower, or faucet. 

The filtration technology removes harmful pathogens from the water through the POU filter.

It ultimately improves the water quality. These filters are particularly useful in healthcare settings where patients might be immunocompromised.

Research shows that the filters reduce healthcare costs by blocking waterborne pathogens. 

POU water filters must be either sterilizing-grade (“absolute bacteria retention”) or microbially-rated (log reduction of bacteria). 

The POU filter must be tested according to the ASTM Standard F838, which involves testing the filter with a specific concentration of small bacteria to see how well it retains the organism. 

POU water filters typically have a rating of 0.2 microns or less

When evaluating a POU water filter, make sure you consider both the results from the ASTM F838 testing and micron size.

Not all filters are created equal, even if they have the same micron sizes.

Is Aquagear better than Brita?

Aquagear is superior in performance to Brita, but it’s up to you to decide if Aquagear will be better for you.

Brita is designed for removing chlorine and improving the taste of tap drinking water. 

This pitcher filter is perfect for municipal tap water, but it is not suitable for well water.

Brita Stream Rapids’ has filter-as-you-pour technology makes it a great option for those who don’t like waiting.

Other Brita models are perfect If you are looking economical best water filter pitcher for city water.

Aquagear is more effective at removing waterborne pollutants than other filters like Brita or Zero water. 

Although the filter capacity is higher, the pitcher is comparatively more expensive than other options. 

The Aquagear is better if you are concerned about water contaminants.

Which minerals does the Aquagear filter add to the water?

Aquagear filters are designed to maintain healthy trace minerals during the filtering process, such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. 

Other filters remove these healthy minerals and provide clean drinking water.

Which water pitcher is best for well water?

Water filters are the most cost-effective and simple way to get pure alkaline water from your home well.

These are the two best options; after extensive research, you can get your perfect one from them.

1. Epic Nano The Best Drinking Water Filter Pitcher For Well Water

The best option is the Epic Nano water filter pitcher if you are concerned about contamination. 

Multi-stage filtration systems are as efficient as an under-sink system and filter all contaminants from well water.

The pitcher is compact and has an ergonomic handle. However, you need to pay attention when pouring filtered water into the glass because of its design failure.

Water Filtration performance  

Epic Nano water pitcher is the most efficient filter and unbeatable. It’s the best choice if contaminants are in your private well water.

  • Heavy metals  
  • Organic chemicals  
  • Microorganisms include bacteria and viruses  
  • Fluoride  
  • Chlorine taste and odor
  • Herbicides  
  • Odor
  • Pharmaceuticals  
  • Solid particulate  

2. Clearly Filtered Pitcher

The Clearly Filtered water pitcher is ideal with your house tap water. 

It can be an excellent choice for households with well water because of the number of contaminants it removes.

It has a faster filtration rate than Epic Nano, the pitcher is more costly, and the cartridges last a short time.

Water Filtration performance  

The Clearly Filtered pitcher does not remove as many pollutants as Epic Nano, but you can still use it.

It can remove:

  • Organic chemicals  
  • Pharmaceuticals  
  • Cysts and bacteria (this pitcher does not remove viruses).  
  • Heavy metals  
  • Fluoride and chlorine  
  • Microplastics  

Should I buy Brita or Aquagear?

Ultimately, both Aquagear vs Brita pitcher filters are proven great in their places.

The filters are surely worth paying money on for their good causes.

Both filters come with attractive designs and are certified with Standards 43 and 54 to remove a wide range of contaminants from water.

The Brita’s LongLast filter cost is less than half of Aquagear’s filter.

If you want value for money, then you’ll find it with Brita.

Another side Aquagear offers maximum thorough contaminant extraction, which makes it worth spending the extra cash.

I  hope you like this article and get some valuable information on Aquagear vs Brita water filter pitcher.

If you want to improve some information, so please let me know………

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