Best Copper Water Pitcher Jug 2022

A water pitcher is a container used to store or pour water.

They come in all shapes and sizes and are made from various materials such as glass, plastic, or metal.

Copper water pitchers are becoming increasingly popular because of the many health benefits they offer.

If you’re looking for a new way to improve your health, consider investing in the best copper water pitcher.

9 Best Copper Water Pitchers

  1. Kosdeg Copper Pitcher Extra Large 68 Oz – 
  2. HealthGoodsIn – Pure Copper Hammered Water Jug
  3. AVADOR Handcrafted 100% Pure Copper Jug
  4. Artisan’s Anvil Copper Pitcher
  5. DEMMEX The Pitcher, 1mm Solid Copper Pitcher
  6. Indian Art Villa Pure Copper Luxury Design Jug Pitcher
  7. Pure Copper Pitcher – 70 fl oz, Hand Made Hammered Copper Water Jug
  8. HealthGoodsIn – Pure Copper Water Jug with 2 Copper Tumblers
  9. CopperBull Heavy Gauge 1mm Solid Copper Pitcher Jug with Lid

1. Kosdeg Best Copper Pitcher Large 68 Oz

Are you looking for a copper water pitcher instead of Aquagear or Brita that will make your tap water more enjoyable and help you lower your sugar intake?

Look no further than the best Kosdeg Copper Pitcher Large 68 Oz capacity.

Our copper water pitcher is 100% pure copper and is guaranteed for a lifetime.


  • Made of solid copper
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • Makes alkaline water more enjoyable to drink
  • Chills water to make it more refreshing
  • Lowers sugar intake
  • 100% pure copper, handmade by skilled artisans
  • Guaranteed for a lifetime
  • Safe to use with cold/room temperature still water only
  • Avoid adding acidic liquids for drinking
  • The extra-large size is perfect for families or groups of people.
  • Copper pots are known to help improve your health.
  • The pitcher is made of 100% pure copper.
  • It’s guaranteed for a lifetime.
  • None that we could find!

2. Healthgoods In Best Copper Water Pitcher (Hammered)

HealthGoodsIn ‘s pure copper Jug with 2 Hammered Copper Tumblers is a high-quality product that helps you stay hydrated.

The jug is made of pure copper, which helps to keep cold and clean water.

It provides copper benefits like healthy blood circulation and preventing common diseases.

The set is a great way to improve your daily water intake and enjoy the benefits of copper.

The hammered copper pitcher also looks great on your countertop.

The tumblers are also made of copper and have a hammered design and perfect size for small spaces.


  • CRAFTED FROM PURE COPPER – This beautiful water jug and tumblers are crafted from pure copper, making it the perfect vessel to improve your health.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN – The simple design makes it easy to clean and maintain. Use a mix of salt and lemon juice to gently scrub the surface of the copper vessel with a soft cotton cloth. Rinse it off with regular water.
  • MADE IN INDIA – Proudly made in India, this stunning set is perfect for anyone looking for a healthy way to drink their water.
  • The jug is made of pure copper,
  • The set is a great way to improve health
  • The hammered design by skilled artisans
  • The tumblers are also made of copper
  • Perfect size for small spaces.
  • The jug is not dishwasher-safe.
  • The copper may have a reaction with acid.

3. AVADOR Handcrafted Copper Jug

This pitcher from AVADOR is 100% pure copper and has a hammered finish.

It comes with 2 glass drink ware, perfect for serving cold drinks at parties or gatherings.

One copper mug holds 1.5 liters, and the glass holds 8 ounces.

The copper means there is no nickel or lead in the copper cup like you find with most stainless steel products.

The inside of the copper cup has been coated with food-grade lacquer to keep it from tarnishing.

We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee to buy this product with confidence, knowing that if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.


  • 100% pure copper
  • Capacity jug 1.5 liters | Glass 8 Oz. Per Glass
  • Multiple Ayurveda health benefits
  • Standards and style
  • It is coated with food-grade lacquer on the outside
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% refund guarantee
  • Comes with 2 glasses of drinkware
  • Adds a nice subtle flavor into the water
  • Hammered finish
  • Impressive quality Copper Jug and glasses
  • Very light weight-thin

4. Artisans Anvil Copper Pitcher W/Copper Handle, Pure 100% Hammered Vessel

This copper water pitcher is a work of art! It’s made of 100% hammered copper, so it’s incredibly sturdy and durable.

The hammered texture gives it a beautiful, unique look, and the copper handle stays cool to the touch.

This pitcher would be perfect for serving clean water or iced tea at a party or special event. It would also make a beautiful addition to any kitchen décor.

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish best copper water pitcher, the Artisans Anvil is definitely worth considering.

It provides various health benefits as copper is a great conductor. The pitcher comes with 100% satisfaction with a return guarantee.


  • Made of 100% hammered copper
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Cool to the touch copper handle
  • Beautiful, unique hammered copper pitcher
  • Perfect for serving cold beverages at events or in your kitchen
  • Comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and return policy
  • Durable and made to last
  • Handcrafted with care and precision
  • Perfect gift for any occasion
  • Elegant and stylish
  • Large capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Quality and durable material
  • Wide opening for easy cleaning
  • The handle is a bit challenging to carry.

5. DEMMEX Pitcher, 1mm Solid Copper Handmade Engraved Jug

This DEMMEX pitcher is made of 1mm thick solid copper.

It’s handmade and engraved in the Gaziantep City of Turkey by craftsmen with a century of experience in the copper industry.

It’s a piece of art that you can only make 1 of per day! The body is excellent copper and not lined or lacquered, so it will develop a natural patina inside and outside over time.

You can be assured this will last for a long time.

This handmade engraved copper pitcher vessel is perfect for those looking for an Ayurveda jug.

It has a beautiful design and makes a great addition to any kitchen.


  • Handmade and engraved in Gaziantep City of Turkey
  • Develops a natural patina over time
  • Perfect for those looking for an Ayurveda jug
  • Capacity: Approx. 70 fl.Oz (2100 ml-2.2qt)
  • Weight: 1.7lb. (765 grams)
  • Height:9.5″ , Diameter:6.3″
  • GUARANTEED 100% copper container
  • Made by DEMMEX
  • Maximum durability
  • 1mm thick solid copper
  • The neck is narrow for the hand to clean inside

6. Indian Art Villa Best Copper Water Pitcher Jug

This pitcher from Indian Art Villa is pure copper and has a luxurious design. It’s perfect for serving and storing invigorated water and can hold up to 57 ounces.

It has a beautiful hammered finish and a copper straw for easy drinking.

The material used in this product is copper. This product comes in brown color.

It comes with a capacity of 57 oz which means it can hold around 2-liter water.

The design of this copper pitcher is stunning, and it has a hammered finish on it. It is easy to store and clean.

You can also get a pure copper water bottle which is more convenient and affordable.


  • Made of pure copper
  • It has a luxurious design.
  • Hammered finish
  • Copper straw included
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Tarnish over time is natural for copper pots
  • Comes with cleaning instructions
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen in India
  • It’s perfect for serving and storing water
  • Unique and stylish design.
  • Real value for money
  • All copper Keeps water cold
  • The lid does not fit very well sometimes

7. Pure Copper Pitcher Hand Made Hammered Water Jug

The best copper water pitcher is a handcrafted, hammered copper jug perfect for drinking water.

It is made of 100% heavy-duty copper with no inner liner, which means no nickel or leads in it, as you find with most stainless steel products.

The Ayurveda health benefits of drinking from a copper vessel are many, including improved digestion, increased energy, and better circulation.

This pitcher is a beautiful addition to any kitchen and makes drinking water more enjoyable.

The hammered design adds a touch of elegance, and the copper color is unique and beautiful.

The pitcher holds 70 fl oz of invigorated water, making it perfect for a family or large group.

It is also an excellent choice for camping or taking on the go.


  • Made of 100% heavy-duty copper
  • No inner liner
  • Ayurveda health benefits
  • Hammered design
  • Copper color
  • Holds 70 fl oz
  • Handcrafted
  • Perfect for drinking water
  • Promotes healthy skin, Helps with arthritis
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Lovely finish design
  • Copper kills all germs and bacteria that touch it
  • Very friendly and good quality
  • Narrow neck trouble for clean inside

8. HealthGoodsIn – Pure Copper Water Jug

This pure copper water jug and tumbler set is perfect for enjoying your favorite cold drinks.

The pitcher capacity is 1.5 liters (50.7 fluid ounces), and the tumbler capacity is 350 ml (11.85 fluid ounces).

The copper water vessel is not polished, lacquered, or coated with anything at all.

They are just pure copper, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Use a mix of salt and lemon juice to gently scrub the surface of the copper vessel with a soft cotton cloth. Rinse them off with regular water. Made in India.

The health benefits of copper are many, and copper is an essential mineral that our bodies need for good health.

It is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. It can help to kill harmful bacteria and fungus and keep them from growing inside the copper pitcher or tumbler.


  • Kills harmful bacteria and fungus
  • The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents
  • Pure and unlined copper
  • Ideal for drinking water
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Made in India
  • High-quality inbuilt material
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Crafted from pure copper
  • Some have a leakage issue

9. CopperBull Heavy Gauge Pitcher Jug with Lid

CopperBull Pitcher is handcrafted from 100% solid copper ions.

This beautiful copper mug is high-quality, thick 1mm copper. It will develop a patina over time as you use them.

They are perfect for serving Moscow Mules and great for any other drinks you want to serve in style! The lid will keep your drinks cold and fresh.

This pitcher holds 70 oz alkaline water and is an excellent addition to any bar or kitchen.

We can use copper water bottles for traveling because it is more convenient than pitchers.


  • 100% SOLID COPPER – Our Copper Moscow Mule Pitcher comprises 100% solid copper and is handcrafted with a stunning engraved design.
  • HEAVY GAUGE 1MM THICKNESS – This pitcher is made of thick, heavy-gauge copper 1mm thick. It’s durable and will last for years!
  • PURE COPPER – Our copper container is unlined and uncoated, so it will develop a beautiful patina over time. It’s also food-safe and lead-free.
  • GORGEOUS ENGRAVED DESIGN – The beautiful engraving on our pitcher makes it a must-have for any home bar.
  • Beautiful handcrafted design
  • Thick 1mm copper for high quality
  • Thick and solidly built copper water vessel
  • Develops patina over time
  • Holds 70 oz of water
  • The riveted handle feels loose.

What Copper Water Pitcher Is Good For Ayurvedic Benefits

These pitchers are said to be good for your health. Here are some ayurvedic benefits of using the best copper water pitcher:

1. Copper helps increase the absorption of iron in the body, which is essential for energy production and overall health.

2. Copper is a natural anti-microbial and helps inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in your tap water.

3. It is well known to help improve circulation and digestion.

4. Copper is also beneficial for skin health and can help to reduce inflammation and blemishes.

5. It helps balance pH levels in the body and can be helpful for those with acidic constitutions.

6. Copper is an essential mineral for producing enzymes and proteins in the body.

7. The anti-oxidant properties of copper ions help to fight free radicals and protect cells from damage.

8. Copper water pitchers are aesthetically pleasing and can add a touch of luxury to your everyday routine.

So, if you’re looking for a simple way to improve your health, using a copper water pitcher may be a good option.

There are also copper water bottles available in the market, which are more convenient and affordable. It is a pure copper water bottle you can carry while traveling.

Not only are they affordable and easy to use, but they also offer a range of health benefits that can be enjoyed by everyone.

If you have severe contaminants in your water like lead, chlorine, Zink, and other heavy metals. Then you may also think about the RO unit, Glass water filter pitcher, and softener to get contaminants and chlorine-free, clean water.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your health, selecting the best copper water pitcher may be a good option.

They are affordable and easy to use, but they also offer a range of health benefits that everyone can enjoy.

Some of the ayurvedic benefits of using a copper pitcher include increased iron absorption, inhibition of harmful bacteria growth, improved circulation.

Using a copper water pitcher is a simple way to improve your health.

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