Does Zero Water Filter Remove Fluoride?

We know the filter for better results, which you can confirm anytime with the water quality TDS meter.

That comes with it, but the most asked question does the Zero Water filter remove fluoride?

I’m not going to rely on what ZeroWater has to say about their filter. I’ll test the water myself and see if I can detect fluoride with my fluoride meter.

This way, we can ensure that it is safe to water drink.

Although, the filter can easily remove most of the intoxicants, harmful contaminants, and toxic chemicals like lead, fluoride, and chlorine, according to the company itself.

Let’s see how far Zerowater Filter lives up to its claims.

Does the Zero Water filter remove fluoride?

After deep research or absorbing all of the databases available about Zero filter 5-stage.

The big question arises “Does it effective in fluoride removal from unfiltered tap water?”

Finally, the answer is “yes.” ZeroWater filter is the most advanced filter in the world to provide alkaline water and decrease the risk of kidney stones.

A zero filter can remove up to 99.6% of all tap water contaminants, including fluoride if your filter is not slow or clogged.

It uses a five-step water filtration system with ion exchange technology to eliminate the contaminants to a certain level, which is known to cause cancer and other diseases.

The fluoride content in your municipal tap water is between 0.6 ppm to 0.10 ppm.

It is not uniform sometimes. It can be very high that varies depending on various geographical locations. A filter can remove fluoride content at 0.0 ppm.

It gives better protection against various inorganic chemicals and provides you fresh, odorless, great taste clean water.

Do you want to know about the best filter pitcher from all different categories? So, the Best Water Pitcher 2022 Edition selection will provide you with detailed information.

How do Zero Water filter Pitchers remove fluoride?

However, fluoride is a dangerous chemical to consume. But, its disadvantages far outweigh the stated advantages.

It is hard to remove all contaminants from your drinking water. In which you use the filter just a few steps filtration process.

Suppose you want to consume safe fluoride-free filtered water. In that case, your small-sized pitcher must have various stages of water filtration.

Filters come with an integrated water quality meter and 5 filtration steps to remove fluoride. It has a compact design that is the best filter for the mini-fridge, with a flow rate of 6.5 oz per minute.

The 5-stage filter is affected to remove the contaminants and harmful chemicals.

Zero water 5 stage advanced filtration System

STAGE 1: The coarse filter screen helps remove particles like dust and rust from the water.

Without the coarse filter, the municipal water supply can host harmful germs, which can cause infections.

STAGE 2: The foam distributor takes out the total dissolved solids that are left behind. The distributor will work by making tiny holes in the foam.

After this, the water passes through these holes in the foam. The water can be clearly filtered as it passes through the distributor.

Zero Water Pitcher can remove fluoride
  • STAGE 3: Activated carbon filter makes the water sterile, stops any bacteria from growing, and reduces the presence of organic contaminants and compounds like chlorine, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, Mercury, Chlorine taste, and Chloramines.
  • STAGE 4: Effectively removes radiological, non-metals, and heavy metals with the dual ion exchange filter in the system. The water molecules separate into H2O molecules and total dissolved solid during filtration. Fluoride, a chemical, is removed from the water at this stage.
  • STAGE 5: The ultra-fine screen and nonwoven membrane layers remove the solids left behind in the water.

The Zero 5 stages filter can remove fluoride from unfiltered water and change the taste and quality of the clearly filtered water.

Zerowater filter pitchers are most famous for making alkaline water. The best part of it lasts longer than other bottled water filters.

So, you’re saving money and time as well. The company lives up to its claims.

ZeroWater TDs Table

Tap Water TDSContaminant levelFilter Lifespan
000 – 001Equal to packed bottled water40 gallons or more
002 – 050Moderate level40 gallons
051 – 200Normal water  (USA)25 – 40 gallons
201 – 300High15 – 20 gallons
301 – 400Exceptionally high8 – 15 gallons
401 +Extreme8 gallons or less

As you see above, more safe water TDS causes short Life of the Replacement Filter.

What is fluoride, and what does fluoride do?

The negatively charged ion of the element fluorine is known as fluoride. It is in the group of halogens and reacts very quickly with other substances. It is also a by-product of phosphate fertilizer.

You don’t want to drink too much fluoride at once because it can damage your bones.

Fluoride is a compound that does not occur freely in nature but forms compounds with metals in the form of fluoride. It can be found naturally in water, eggs, red meat, and some fruits.

It is a chemical also found in most drinking water supplies and is used in many products.

Most of us have probably heard of fluoride in our water, but the bad things that fluoride can do to our bodies are still not well-known. Some people believe that it actually makes you smarter.

It can make your teeth less complicated as you get older and help prevent tooth decay. However, there are some things you need to know about fluoride before deciding about it.

Its Bad effects: – Fluoride is a toxic chemical, and many animal studies show signs of its toxicity. It is a cumulative poison and can cause damage to the brain and bones.

Many studies link fluoride to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis.

How does fluoride enter drinking water?

The ruling in the drinking water decision states that fluoride’s maximum concentration in drinking water shouldn’t be more than 1 mg per liter.

Pure water and processed beverages like alkaline lemon water, soft drinks, and juices give around 75% of a person’s fluoride intake in the United States.

Fluoride has good tooth-strengthening properties. So it is added to the municipal tap water supply.

It has associated with health difficulties such as migraines, gastrointestinal complaints, and depression. So, fluoride has been banned since 1976.

Fluoride mineral occurs naturally in the rocks, soil, water, and air. This way, it reaches the groundwater and gets mixed in our well or groundwater. So, you need to get a perfect filter for well or groundwater.

Fluoride side effects and good effects on our body.

Good effects

According to American Dental Association (ADA), fluoride is mixed in water to get a better alkaline effect on our body, and we are explaining some water fluoridation benefits:-

  • It is secure and efficient
  • saves money spent on dental treatment
  • is natural
  • Can decreases tooth decay by 20 to 40 percent
  • Defends tooth against cavities

According to a Cochrane review published in 2015 saw that when fluoride gets into the water:

  • Applying fluoride to children’s teeth can prevent or slow down decay.
  • Children had less than 35 percent filled, missing, or decayed baby teeth.
  • There was a 15% increase in children with no decay in their baby teeth.
  • There was a 14 percent increase in the proportion of children with no decay in their permanent teeth.

Fluoride Side Effects

There are some possible side effects of excessive fluoride intake:

Thyroid problems:- Sometimes, it can harm the parathyroid gland, which causes hyperparathyroidism and uncontrolled secretion.

Neurological problems:- According to a report published in 2017, recommending exposure to fluoride before birth could affect poorer cognitive outcomes in a child’s future.

Dental fluorosis:- The best fluoride content is 0.7 ppm for dental health. It could be hazardous above 4.0 ppm. Avoid using fluoride-containing mouth wash for children below the age of 6 years.

Skeletal fluorosis:- Excess exposure may cause bone disease Trusted (Skeletal fluorosis).

This can result in discomfort, pain, and damage to joints and bones.

Other health problems:- As per the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), excess exposure to fluoride may also contribute to the following problems:

  • Cause of reproductive issues, such as early puberty in girls and lower fertility.
  • thyroid dysfunction
  • Cardiovascular problems include arteriosclerosis, myocardial damage, cardiac insufficiency, arterial calcification, high blood pressure, and heart failure.
  • neurological problems
  • discoloration of teeth
  • joints and bone disease such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), osteoarthritis, and bone cancer
  • acne and other skin difficulties

Other Best Options To Remove Fluoride From Your Water

1. Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Water Filter System:

A study at the University of Nebraska in 2008 revealed that even tiny point-of-use RO systems are effective in getting rid of fluoride in drinking water. Specific techniques have been certified to filter out over 90%.

We believe that APEC Water Systems will be the top reverse Osmosis fluoride water purification system in 2022.

Reverse osmosis removes fluoride

Premium long-lasting filters can remove the majority of the contaminants like chlorine taste, smell, VOCs, such as arsenic, toxic fluoride and lead, nitrates and hard water heavy metals, and more than 1000 contaminants in water. Total Dissolved Solids 2000 ppm. Feed Water Pressure 40-85 psi with a high flow rate.

2. Waterdrop TSC Under Sink Water Filter System

Our top under-sink fluoride water filtering system in 2022 will be Waterdrop TSC, the Waterdrop TSC Under Sink Water Filter System.

The system is tested against NSF standards. It effectively eliminates most lead, chlorine, mercury, fluoride, total dissolved solids, arsenic smell, and taste.

It isn’t only a statement. The filter has been evaluated independently by EPA-approved labs following NSF international standards. 

Compared to the traditional triple-stages of filtration, a high-quality coconut carbon filter block activates water molecules and significantly enhances pure water taste.

3. Whole House Fluoride Filter

This will be the most efficient fluoride water filter for all-house applications in 2022.

It significantly prolongs the lifespan of activated carbon granular while also protecting the carbon bed from contamination due to bacteria growth.

Reduces or eliminates unpleasant odors like fluoride, Chlorine, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Iron, and Hydrogen sulfide.

Whole house water filter

4. Fluoride Shower Filter: Aqua Earth 15 Stage

Does there exist a shower (head) filter that can remove fluoride?

Some companies offer fluoride-reducing shower filters; however, they’re not efficient. 

The most effective unit we can locate and find is Aqua Earth.

It is a cost-effective filter that can reduce chloramine, fluoride, and chlorine taste and provide clean water.

The shower filter is adequate to make hard water clean and soft.

5. Fluoride Filter Bottle: pH HYDRATE Glass

Our opinion is that the best fluoride filter bottle for 2022 will make available via pH HYDRATE glass.

It can improve flavor and aroma and add healthy minerals like selenium, zinc, magnesium, and iron, removing heavy metals and reducing the levels of chloramine, fluoride, and chlorine.

Each pouch can last up to 416 cups/26 gallons/98 liters, approximately 50 days for an average person who drinks 8 cups/64 ounces/2 Liters of water a day.

6. Big Berkey Countertop + Portable Gravity Filter

Berkey water filters are popular gravity filters, particularly within the SHTF community

They’re portable countertop units which simple to set up and use. They’re also minimally maintained and effective at eliminating various contaminants, resulting in top filtered water quality. 

Long-term fluoride removal capacity of 97% when combined with optional fluoride water filters PF-2.

Gravity water filter

What Is Fluoride Used For

Fluoride is added to drinking water in many countries and is also used in the following dental products:

  • toothpaste
  • cement and fillings
  • gels and mouthwashes
  • varnishes
  • some brands of floss
  • fluoride supplements

Non-dental sources of fluoride include:

  • pesticides
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant items, PFCs
  • Food and beverages made with water that contains fluoride
  • Drugs receiving perfluorinated compounds

Excess fluoride exposure may come from:

  • Fluoridated water
  • Public water fluoridation
  • High concentrations of fluoride in natural freshwater
  • Untested bottled water
  • Inappropriate use of fluoride supplements
  • Fluoridated mouth rinse or toothpaste
  • Some foods

Not all fluoride exposure is caused by adding the chemical to water.

Some geographical areas have drinking water that naturally contains high fluoride levels, for example, Asia.

What Are The Possible Problems With Zerowater Filter?

It is essential to know what might happen if the ZeroWater filter is not working. The following are some potential problems that could occur:

-The water may not be as clean as expected and could still contain impurities such as fluoride.

-The water filtration process could take longer than expected, depending on the level of impurities in the water.

-The ZeroWater filter could become less effective over time and need replacement more frequently.

It is essential to be aware of these potential problems so that you can be prepared when they occur.

If you have any concerns, it is always best to contact a professional to help you troubleshoot issues.

How Does Fluoride Enter Drinking Water?

Fluoride occurs naturally in water and soil. It is also in the products we use every day, such as toothpaste and mouthwash.

Fluoride can enter drinking water when it dissolves in groundwater or sewage effluent containing fluoride is discharged into surface water used for drinking water supply.

Care/Maintenance Of The Zero Water Filter?

You must change your zero water filter in every 2-3 months to ensure optimal filtering performance.

You can clean your filter before each use if desired.

Simply remove it from the pitcher and rinse it under running water for 30 seconds to clean your filter.

Be sure to reassemble your pitcher correctly after cleaning the filter.

Sub-Zero Product For Fluoride Or Copper Filtration

Do you want to know if the Zero Water filter can remove fluoride and copper from your water? We’ll look at the science behind the filters and see what the data says.

When it comes to water filtration, there are two main types of systems: mechanical and chemical.

Automatic filters use physical barriers to remove particles from water. In contrast, chemical filters use substances that bind to or react with contaminants.

ZeroWater’s filtration system uses a five-stage purification process that includes mechanical and chemical filtration.

First stage is a sediment filter that removes particles like dirt and sand.

Second stage is an activated carbon filter that removes chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

Third stage is a dual-ion exchange filter that removes dissolved minerals.

Fourth stage is a sub-micron filter that eliminates remaining substances.

And the fifth stage is a polishing filter that gives the water a final polish.

So, does this filtration system remove fluoride and copper? Let’s take a look.

Fluoride is a chemical that can bind to or react with other chemicals. It’s often added to water supplies to prevent tooth decay.

Still, it can also be present in some naturally occurring water sources.

When fluoride binds to minerals in the water, it can create a hard, white substance called fluorapatite.

Copper is a metal that can be found in water sources. It’s an essential nutrient for human health, but too much copper can be harmful.

When copper binds to other minerals in the water, it can create a blue-green substance called malachite.

ZeroWater’s filtration system has been tested by independent laboratories. It has been shown to remove 99.9% of fluoride and copper from water.

So, if you’re looking for a water filtration system that can remove these contaminants, ZeroWater is an excellent option.

How Effectively Can a Zero Water Filter Remove Fluoride?

Zero Water filters are known for their effectiveness in filtering out various water contaminants, including fluoride.

In fact, the water filter pitcher filter received certification from NSF’s standards like Brita for a lead reduction in 2008.

Fluoride is a mineral commonly added to public water supplies to help prevent tooth decay.

While fluoride can be beneficial in small amounts, too much fluoride can lead to health problems such as dental fluorosis (staining and pitting of the teeth) and skeletal fluorosis (bone pain and weakness).

The efficiency of a water filter in removing fluoride is typically measured by the percentage of fluoride removal that it can achieve.

According to studies, filters can remove up to 99.9% of fluoride from water, making them highly effective in safe, clean drinking water.

If you are concerned about the amount of fluoride in your drinking water, using a filter is an excellent way to reduce your exposure and protect your health.

What Does Zero Water Filter Out?

The mineral arsenic is known to cause cancer and increase the risk of diabetes. Zero water removes 99% of arsenic added to drinking water.

Do filter pitchers remove chlorine?

Fluorine is a chemical element that does not occur naturally but forms compounds with metals.

Zerowater filters and products are certified to reduce chlorine levels. That means there won’t be any chlorine taste and smell in the clearly filtered water. An independent third-party, NSF International, is even tested and certified this certification.

It is a better option than plastic bottles and helps reduce the waste in our environment.

 Does the Zero Water filter remove fluoride from water?

Zero water is one of the great filters to remove the maximum contaminant from water. The fluoride added to water by the water treatment plant is beneficial. A zero Water filtration system is effective in removing fluoride from your water.

Does Zero Water Filter Remove Bacteria And Cysts?

Zero Water can not eliminate cysts, viruses, bacteria, and other microbiological water contaminants. You only use treated municipal water with a Zero pitcher or bottle to get a positive result.

Does the Zerowater filter remove iron, lead, and mercury?

Yes! The filters are certified by NSF International to reduce iron, lead, and mercury.

In fact, the Water filter pitcher is the first filter that received certification from NSF’s standard for a lead reduction in 2008.

It is also certified to reduce zinc, chromium, aluminum, and hydrogen sulfide.

Does the filter remove PFAS, pesticides, and herbicides from contaminated water?

The answer is yes! Zero Water can remove herbicides such as PFAS atrazine, dilation, alachlor, simazine, and up to 99% of pesticides like dieldrin, endrin, carbofuran, and lindane.

Does the zero water pitcher remove minerals?

Zerowater filter uses ion exchange technology to remove various minerals from water.

It uses a 5-stage filter to eliminate all the dissolved solids and healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium.


Zero Water filters are highly effective in removing fluoride from water, providing safe and clean drinking water for you and your family.

If you are concerned to remove fluoride from your water, using a Zero filter is an excellent way to reduce your exposure and protect your health.

But, it won’t be enough to eliminate cysts, viruses, bacteria, and other microbiological contaminants.

Overall, Zero water is a great and effective water pitcher. Many people are now turning to the new water filter pitcher as an alternative to bottled water because it is a more cost-effective option.

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