How Long Does A Pur Water Filter Last

Sure, soda is delicious and can be addictive, but water is vital to our health. Although, we have to be cautious as water can be harmful if it’s polluted, which is why it’s advisable to utilize the powerful PUR filter on your water.

The most important thing you can do to ensure the efficiency of your PUR system is to function correctly by changing the filters regularly.

However, if you’re curious about how long a PUR water filter last, it depends on the kind of filter, e.g., for a small pitcher, faucet mount filter, or dispenser, the frequency of use, and the quality of the tap water supply.

How Long Does A PUR Water Filter Last?

The life span of PUR water dispenser filters

Like the PUR water pitcher, the dispenser needs a replacement filter after every 40 Gallons of filtered water. 

For three family members and a regular use schedule, this will be about every two months.

PUR water filter pitchers are unique because they use activated carbon filter technology to eliminate chlorine smell and 2 times more lead reduction as comprehensive options available.

PUR water pitcher

That is why this kind of device is an excellent option for families that aren’t getting high-quality drinking water from the tap.

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The lifespan of faucet filters

A replacement for the PUR faucet filter at least every 100 gallons or each two-to-3 months. 

The indicator on the housing informs you about the replacement filter.  To replace the filter, remove the cap on the housing, remove the old filter, and install the new faucet water filter with the same orientation. 

A damp rag creates an excellent grip to loosen the cap on your housing that is stuck.

How long do PUR water pitcher filters last?

PUR is the best pitcher filter that is efficient in removing contaminants and provides up to 40 Gallons of longlast filter life. 

Replace the filter every two to three months, based on your household’s size and the frequency of usage. 

Specific models have an electronic light indicator that is visible on the lid. 

You can replace the PUR pitcher’s filter by taking off its lid, then pulling out the previously used filter and replacing it with a new one.

However, there are also other best options like Brita filter and Zero water with great performance where Brita standard filter or Brita longlast filter, is very popular.

If you want to improve tap water quality you can go with a Brita faucet filter.

The lifespan of PUR refrigerator filters

The refrigerator model will determine the frequency; PUR filters effectively filter and make alkaline water between 100 and 200 gallons. 

To get the best long last performance and pure quality as bottled water, you need to change your PUR water refrigerator filter every six months.

The filter is present on the lower part of the refrigerator and might have a button to remove it. 

Press this button to release the old filter, and then take off the grille cap from the filter bottom. Turn the grille cap over the new filter before inserting the filter into the refrigerator.

If the model does not have a button, it is necessary to shut off the ice maker. Turn the filter anti-clockwise to take it off. 

After transferring the grille cap, please insert the new filter inside the refrigerator and then twist it clockwise to place it. Do not forget to switch on the ice maker once you have done this.

What Factors Effects Long Last Use Of PUR Water Filter? 

The main thing that affects the lifespan is the kind of water filtration device and the quantity of water you consume.

There are additional reasons why the PUR water filter will go out of order faster. These are:


It is an organic material created by erosion that is usually available in the water. If your tap water supply before filtering is contaminated with sediment, it could clog the PUR pitcher filter, causing it to fail. 

It is also worth considering the removal of sediment from your water before the filtration process.

Use excessively

Every filter comes with the capacity of water it’s able to filter. Thus, if you’ve consumed massive amounts of filtered water and it’s only been one month, the filter you have is not adequate to perform its job. 

We recommend looking at the recommended number of water gallons to which your filter is rather than basing your decision on the estimated duration of time.

Quality of water

Pure Cup of water

If the drinking water in your region is heavily polluted or contains large particles (as described in the following section), that can also cause algae and mold in your best water filter pitchers.

Your filter may have to operate at a high amount and could even surpass its capacity, which can cause your filter to work less or not enough. 

To prevent this, you should consider your water treatment as a primary concern.


While iron’s vital for the human body to function, excessive quantities of iron can be toxic and harm the filter. 

Since certain kinds of iron contain heavy metals and result in hard water, it can affect the filter work in long last use and may result in an error.

How to Change the PUR Water Filter?

If you are replacing the pitcher filter, the first step is to soak the filter replacement in cold water to prepare. 

This easy process eliminates dust and debris to ensure that water flows easily through the filter after replacement.

The filter’s parts could be damaged when exposed to extreme temperatures. Do not soak the filter in hot water that exceeds more than 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hot water can affect the efficiency of your filter.

Replacement Steps

  1. Keep your new filter with lukewarm or cold water that is not higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit for around fifteen minutes.  
  2. Remove the old filter, spin it counterclockwise, and pull off the pitcher lid. Clean the cover and set it out to dry.  
  3. Then, lift the pour tray to reach the filter’s cylindrical structure. This tray appears as a blue reservoir located on the upper part of the filter. The pour tray is placed upside down and empties the water while you continue through the other steps.
  4. Take the cylindrical filter off from the bottom of the container and turn it counterclockwise to release the filter. Take the old filter out and discard it properly.
  5. Check your dish to ensure that it’s empty. If it’s not, let it dry. 
  6. The new filter should be slushy under running water for a few seconds and then shake off the left water. The water should cold so that it doesn’t damage the filter’s structure.  
  7. Place the filter in the tray and fasten the tray from left to right side until the filter cannot move further into the tray.
  8. Slide the long cylindrical projections of the new filter into the hole in the center of the tray. Continue to push inwards until the grip is full.
  9. Keep the bottom of your filter tightly, and then put it in place with a cork. Then, rotate until the filter doesn’t fall out of the tray. The filter that is properly fixed will remain in place on the pour tray.
  10. Refill the pitcher and place the lid on top. Close the cap with a gentle squeeze, and then place the jug in the position you prefer.
  11. A pitcher filter requires that you reset your indicator system following each filter replacement. If you want to reset the water filter device, press the reset button for about 5 seconds. It will display the various light alerts efficiently.
  12. The PUR water filter light will turn green to indicate that your filter is working correctly and will provide clean water for the long last.  

How Does a PUR Water Filter Work Long Last?

PUR water filters are based on PUR’s own Mineral Core Filter Technology, which can provide superior water filtration.

It’s also important to note that the PUR faucet filter is certified through the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for lead reduction and 70 types of other pollutants.

PUR filter filtering materials create many layers. It uses an activated carbon filter to eliminate physical and chemical contaminants in the water.

Additionally, their ion exchange materials get rid of heavy metals from water.

And the Water Quality Association (WQA) granted PUR Filtering System a Gold Seal certification for maintaining industry standards, passing annual construction audits, and complying with WQA’s standards.

After providing your family with clean water, the filter will become contaminated, adversely impacting its efficiency. 

To ensure that you have an uncontaminated filtered water supply for long lat, this is essential to replace your faucet mount filter on time regularly.

How Does the PUR Water Filter Pitcher Indicator Light Work?    

The PUR water filter light is considered an example of advanced technology. 

However, while that might be true but light for filters is just an indicator or timer.

The current consensus suggests that this light source is connected to the counter or digital timer. 

It records the number of times you fill your pitcher and calculates the amount of drinking water you pour into the glass.

If you are using a PUR faucet water filter, the process could be more complex. When you turn on your tap, a sensor measures the amount of water that flows through the filter.

It relies on a set water volume that is based on your flow speed.

Both methods come with two predetermined thresholds. If the filter unit is at the first threshold, it alerts the indicator controller that changes the LED color. The second threshold will also alter the LED color.

Let’s try to understand this more.

When you check the PUR Filter, you will observe that it has a life span of 2 months or 40 Gallons of contaminants free water. 

These figures represent the absolute thresholds for the unit. Some models may have a longer lifespan for the filter.

The idea is that when the filter is aware that it is getting close to the 40-gallon, or the sixty-day mark, it will trigger the LED, causing it to display an different light color. 

The first color change you see signals that you’re at reaching the limit of longlast filter life. There is still time to enjoy some more Gallons or even.

If the PUR pitcher indicator LED turns to a different color, it’s a sign that the end of its long last performance, and you need to replace it with the best water filter.

How Can You Recycle Use PUR Water Filters?

If you select a PUR water filters pitcher, you can reduce waste by not purchasing plastic water bottles.

But how do you recycle old filters? One option is to look up the type of plastic that the filter is made from and then dispose of it in the most appropriate manner for you. 

It is also possible to research recycling and upcycling businesses like TerraCycle that will care for different filters, and you’ll need to give them to them. 

Furthermore, PUR is currently working on an initiative to recycle that will ensure the safety of used filters, along with any additional steps you require.


Although you can trust the PUR water filter to provide pure quality as bottled water, it’s up to you to keep the water’s purity by regularly changing your filter.

Be aware of the indicator lights on your filter to know if the filter is still functioning correctly or needs replacement. 

There is also a wide range of best options like effective Brita filter and Zero water where Brita standard filter or Brita longlast filter is a very popular option.

However, if the water filtration system isn’t equipped with indicator lights, keep track of the filter life period you’re using.

I hope you now know how to answer “how long does a PUR Water filter last?” Thanks for reading!

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