Aquagear 8 Cup Water Filter Pitcher Review

Aquagear is a comparatively new water filter company established by a group of engineers to provide high-quality and cost-effective options in water purification.

Instead of considering Brita or PUR ultimate pitchers, the Aquagear is a better choice.

It has two products for water treatment within its portfolio. Their products are extensively used within and around the US and UK Army as well as non-governmental organizations like UNICEF and Red Cross.

In the following Aquagear 8 cup water filter pitcher review, we’ll examine the specifics of how this water pitcher is performing.

Aquagear Technical Specifications

Here are the most important technical specifications for Aquagear.

  • Triple capacity filters last three times longer than average filter.
  • It is independently tested to ensure that it meets NSF standards for the elimination of the harmful contaminants.
  • Eliminates 2,000% more pollutants than standard pitchers for filtering that include Chromium 6, Chloramines, Fluoride, Lead,  Mercury, and Chlorine taste and smell.  
  • It is manufactured in the USA using 100 percent BPA-free and recycled materials.
  • The pitcher cost is around $70 and $50 for filter replacement.
  • It effectively pH restore and balance while filtering your tap water contaminants.

You can see it, the Aquagear foundation has top quality materials and the highest water filtration capacity, making it among the best pitchers available on the market.

How Does 8 Cup Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Work?

Aquagear water filter pitcher uses activated carbon and Ion exchange resins to get rid of a wide range of volatile organic substances and produce 8 cups of pure filtered water.

The water pitcher can trap microorganisms and impurities by mechanical filtration, like dust particles, sand, bits of rust, along with other particles that can cause harm to your drinking water.

Like many water filter pitchers, Aquagear comes with an upper reservoir which you need to top up with water from the tap. 

The water flows through the filter and into the pitcher. It provides the same as bottled water quality; you can put it in the glass, or even use it for cooking.

Find the best alkaline water pitcher; please have a look at our detailed article.

Aquagear Filter Life & Replacement

A further important aspect of any pitcher filter is determining the length of time the filter can last and what it will cost of a replacement filter.

The Aquagear filter can last up to 150 gallons, or approximately two-three months, which is greater than other best water filter pitcher options.

It is possible to purchase filters to replace them for $50 or subscribe to a service that costs you $40, and they will deliver the number of filters you require every 6 months.

Overall, this is a very reasonable price, and the filter’s life span and quality are among the top filters available.

It appears that this filter is among the top, but it could be missing some contaminants that other models, like clearly Filtered, have been able to eliminate in tests.

What is inside the filter?

According to Aquagear, their filter cartridge can remove 2000% more pollutants than Brita. It has a five-stage filter that contains two different filtration media.

COCONUT CARBON ACTIVATED: When water flows through the carbons medium, it absorbs and traps harmful contaminations from its source. It includes chloramine, taste, and smell.

CRM ION EXCHANGE Media: The media can efficiently remove heavy metals, industrial and agricultural contaminants.

Aquagear employs various distinctive methods for filtering, such as the chemical bonding process, deep filtering, and absorption. 

The layering of the two materials in 5 phases makes alkaline water have a better taste than other water pitchers.

What Does Aquagear 8 Cup Pitcher Filter From Water?

Aquagear 8 cup pitcher is doing a fantastic job at decreasing or filtering some of the most prevalent (and harmful) contaminants found within the drinking water.

Here’s a short list of the things that the filter operates on:

  • Chloramines – 99.9%  
  • Fluoride – 90.57%  
  • Chlorine – 99.9%  
  • Chromium 6 – 99.4%  
  • Lead – 99.9%  
  • Arsenic – 99.8%  
  • Thallium – 99.9%  
  • Chloroform – 98.7%
  • Benzene – 98.7%  
  • Mercury – 97.8%  
  • Trihalomethanes – 99.0%  
  • Nitrite – 92.0%  
  • Nitrate – 97.6%  

Independent laboratories have evaluated the filter for over 15 years under NSF standards 42 and 53. 

It means that you can be sure that it will perform as claimed and provide excellent water quality, same as bottled water.

You can view the test results of Aquagear hear to examine every one of the tested chemicals.

Aquagear filter does an outstanding job removing lead, fluoride VOCs, lead, and the other heavier metals. Overall it is clear that it’s a great filter.

What Is It That The Aquagear Filter Does Not Remove?

As with most pitcher-type water filtering equipment, Aquagear is intended only to be used with clean water that has been treated

It could mean the tap water supply of a public source or well-water that is treated with disinfection.

That is because the filter it is using does not remove microbiological contaminants such as viruses and bacteria.

If you’re looking for a solution that removes them, you’ll need a different solution, such as a gravity filter, reverse osmosis, or distiller.

It also does not remove beneficial mineral substances in your drink, but that’s something to be thankful for.

Aquagear Filter Pitcher Pros And Cons


  • Certified by NSF 42 and 53.
  • Long-life Filters.
  • Lifetime warranty against leaks and breakage from the pitcher.
  • Design and Manufacture in the US.
  • Filter as tiny as two microns.
  • 2000% more contaminants than traditional pitchers.
  • A portable and convenient design.


  • Not suitable for water sources that are affected by microorganisms.
  • No indicator to know filter exchange time.
  • Sometimes, the spout of a flapper sticks
  • The flow rate is lower than Brita.

Aquagear Models & Upfront Cost

Aquagear water filter pitcher has design: a simple blue, white, and clear BPA-free model that holds 8 cups of liquid. 

It limits Aquagear slightly compared to the Brita filter since having a broad selection of visual and filter-wise options makes Brita pitcher slightly effective with greater appeal.

However, if you’re looking for a primary drinking water pitcher that performs its task perfectly, then the Aquagear water filtering pitcher will serve you perfectly with invigorated water.

It’s the perfect size for families with small to medium sizes, and the design is easy enough to blend into the majority of modern kitchens.

Aquagear water filter pitcher is available at 70 dollars with an 8 cup capacity, which is a bit more costly than most Brita’s products (Brita’s Daily 10-Cup pitcher, for example, is a lot like the pitcher from Aquagear and price, is priced at just under $30).

The pitchers come with the benefit of a lifetime warranty; it’s a significant benefit if you’re looking to maximize your investment.

Aquagear Customer Reviews & Complaints

Aquagear’s extensive filtering was a hit for the vast majority of user reviews. Still, specific reviews did point out that tap water filtration is much more time-consuming due to this.

Customers were satisfied with the quality of the pitcher, stating that the material is sturdy and durable, as well as BPA-free. 

The customers were also happy with the Aquagear pitcher for being simple to use with the lifetime warranty.  

With over 4800 Amazon reviews, the Aquagear replacement filter cartridge comes with an overall 4.3-star rating with 150 gallons of life

While most comments are favorable, the most common complaint about Aquagear’s drinking water pitcher is due to its design. 

The top portion has more capacity than the lower tank, and users have reported that when pouring their water through the tiny opening on the lid was not clear how much water was in quantity, making it incredibly easy to overfill, which could cause the upper part to overflow.

Best Alternative Water Filter Pitchers

Below are two additional water pitchers that we would suggest alongside Aquagear’s model. 

Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher  

The Clearly Filtered, the most effective gravity filter we recommend as the #1 pitcher.  

Clearly, the filter removes the most harmful contaminants including Lead, Mercury, heavy metals, Chlorine taste,, and smell.

It is a sleek and clean style, and its filters can last for up to 100 gallons which is a bit smaller than Aquagear; however, it is still very effective.

Clearly Filtered water pitcher can balance and pH restore while purifying your house tap water contaminants.

Aquasana Clean Water Machine  

Its Aquasana Clean Water Machine is another pitcher we recommend seeking the most powerful model. 

It isn’t a typical gravity filter but can filter water using power, which is much more efficient. 

The filter has superior filtering capacity and contaminant removal with the longest lifespan capacity that is available. 

At the pricier $150, which means it’s intended for those who are willing to pay more and don’t need the gravity model.

Brita vs Aquagear?

In the end, I think both Brita and Aquagear’s pitcher filters are an excellent choice for pitcher filters. They have many advantages for them.

They’re certainly worth it for the reasons they have. Both filters remove various pollutants; they both sport appealing designs and are NSF Standards 43 and 54 to support their elimination of water contaminants claims.

Whatever water pitcher filters you choose this time, you won’t be able to make a mistake with the choice you choose.

Brita pitcher has various models starting from 5 cups small pitcher capacity, but Aquagear water filter pitcher has only one model with 8 cup capacity.

Picking your preferred one among the two options will most likely be determined by your price. 

Brita’s LongLast 6-month filtration cost is less than half of Aquagear’s 6-month filter. If you’re looking to get the best value for the price, you’ll find this with a Brita filter.

However, Aquagear offers the complete removal of pollutants, which could make it worth the additional money. 

You could also “subscribe and save” to purchase Aquagear’s filters for less money if you test them and find yourself a fan.

Faq About Aquagera 8 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

What is the best place to purchase the Aquagear system and filter replacement?

As of now, Aquagear products are not sold in bricks and mortar stores. They are only available online, and you can purchase them from a few places.

What is the water flow rate of the Aquagear 8 cup filter pitcher?

Moving on in continuing with the Aquagear review, we’ve got to say that this model does not have the highest flow rate available. 

But it’s not the lowest one either. In between rivals like Brita the Stream Rapids and PUR Ultimate, Aquagear can serve a cup of purified tap water in just 2.5 minutes.

It’s still quite long if you’ve just returned to your home with an empty pitcher after your morning run; however, it’s relatively quick when you’re willing to plan the refills so that you don’t run out of water, that is clean.

How do you clean your Aquagear filter?

The Aquagear pitcher is easy to clean using antibacterial soap for dishes. It is made out of plastic and can be cleaned using the dishwasher

If you wish to keep it in good condition for longer, we suggest cleaning it manually as often as you need to.

Also, you must make sure to flush the filter regularly with the flushing assembly included in your filter. Just run your filter in cold tap water 2 minutes before use.

What’s inside this box?

Here’s what you will get:

  • Assembly for flushing the filter
  • Information help guide
  • Pitcher with lid and reservoir
  • A filter that is sealed in a plastic recycling bag

What kind of guarantee is Aquagear offer?

Aquagear filter pitcher comes with an incredible Lifetime Guarantee. If it fails or is damaged or has any defect at any point, they’ll replace the defective part or the entire thing.

This guarantee is far better than any pitcher I’ve seen!

You can also test this at no cost for 30 days when you purchase directly from Aquagear. You can return it for any reason, and they’ll issue the entire amount back, including the return shipping.


Drinking water that’s clean of contaminants is crucial for your well-being. The majority of tap water today isn’t up to the task. But the positive side is, you can take action about it.

The Aquagear 8 cup water filter pitcheris a fantastic option (with the caution that you should only use invigorated water that has been treated).

It’s highly effective at the reduction of contaminants, and it’s long-lasting and cost-effective. 

Additionally, Aquagear is adamant about its product by offering a lifetime guarantee and a no-questions-asked 30- days return guarantee. No risk!

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