Why Brita Faucet Filter Light is not Working?

The latest Brita faucet and pitcher filters use an indicator light to know the filter replacement time.

Sometimes, you find the Brita faucet filter light is not working. Which makes it confusing to identify the exact time when the filter requires replacing?  

As traffic light signals play a very important role in better transportation. Similarly, the Brita indicator is useful to get accurate information about the filter life span.

A lack of accurate filter data can affect your filtered water quality, so your filter may do more harm to your health than benefits.

A Brita tap filter light may not work after 2-5 years due to running out of a non-replaceable sealed battery. 

Instead, if your Brita filter is under warranty, you can get it repaired or replaced by contacting Brita support.

There is much variety of Brita water filtration systems and indicator varies from product to product. It is hard to find the correct cause behind the Brita faucet filter indicator stops working.

In this article, we are sharing Brita’s battery policy and other common forms of light indicators.

How do Brita electronic light indicators work?

Brita filter is known as the top-rated company to remove various contaminants like Lead, Mercury, Benzene, and Chlorine smell.

Water quality maximum Brita products have LEDs to show when the filter needs replacing, including Brita pitchers with longlast or standard filter.

Indicators measure how often the device is used and tell you after a defined amount of usage that the filter needs replacing. It starts the countdown once it has reset.

The indicator has no direct connection with the filter. It operates like a timer, based on how long Brita assumes every filter will last on average.

It takes a series of steps to get the lights operating correctly but once configured indicator will do regular work.

Read our comprehensive review of the

How does the Brita faucet filter indicator work?

In the Brita faucet, the indicator calculates the clean water flow passing from the device and the amount of time that passes.

An indicator shows a red light after filtering approx 100 gallons or 4 months, whichever comes first.

PUR faucet filter is a better alternative for Brita with high water pressure.

Brita pitcher electronic filter indicator work

It is also a great and too fast way to get filtered water at an affordable price, and it’s a better option than bottled water.

In pitchers, the indicator works as a simple timer, measuring how much you use the water pitcher and reminding you always when to replace the filter cartridge, based on how often you used it.

Overall the indicator is not a necessary part of a Brita water filtration system, whether it is a faucet or pitcher filter, serving more as a general guide.

If your Brita indicator is still not working after reset, then the cause may battery has run out.

You don’t need an indicator at all. If you can remember when to change the filter in your device regularly or replace it when you see the water starts to smell or bad taste like unfiltered water.

It is more dangerous than your old filter’s clogging issues or low water pressure, further explored in these articles:

Brita’s Battery Policy

As you know, the Brita filters are effective. So, the battery policy is the same for all LED smart light meters or memo indicators.

All indicators are fitted with a non-replaceable battery, designed to last between 2 to 5 years, depending on different models. 

You can find this information in the warrantee’s section in the user manual.

You can also use it while the Brita faucet filter light is not working due to the battery has run out. However, you have to calculate manually how long every replacement filter lasts.

Indicator lights on a Brita tap water filter

Brita Complete Faucet Water Filter

Brita Complete Faucet Water Filter

Brita’s complete filter indicator light is on the front base of the filter, making it easy to see.

Brita Basic Faucet Water Filter

Brita Basic Faucet Water Filter

Brita’s basic faucet mount system light is on the top section to check it is working or not.

There is one single Brita smart light replacement indicator. Which changes color depending on how much current filter life is left.

The Brita indicator works fully automatic, not require manual activation or resetting upon replacing the filter.

The light indicator turns solid green after replacing the faucet filter.  If this doesn’t occur, remove and reinstall the new filter again.

Ensure the small button at the backside base is pressed and held until the new filter is adjusted.

It is more dangerous than your old filter clogging issues further explored in these articles: 15 reasons why my Brita filter is slow?

Indicator light sequence

When the filter does not need replacement or work properly, then the indicator shows:

  • Green color

When the filter has only 20 gallons/75 liters or around two weeks of life left, the indicator shows:

  • Split color (Green and Red) = In the Standard Faucet Water Filtration System.
  • Flashing Amber/Yellow = In the Complete Faucet Filter System.

When the filter needs replacing:

  • Solid Red = In the Basic Faucet Filter System.
  • Flashing Red = In the Complete Faucet Water Filtration System.

Indicator lights on a Brita pitcher filter

Brita pitchers have a small tab with three lights and a “reset” or “status” button.

Older Brita pitcher models:-

Indicator lights are arranged from top to bottom as:

  • Change
  • Change Soon
  • Good.

You need to follow the Brita longlast filter instructions to get better results from your pitcher.

How to reset the old Brita filter indicator

To reset or activate the indicator, press and hold the reset button for approximately eight seconds. The indicator should blink all three lights together.

After then, flash the green light only three times, which shows that the indicator has reset, and you can release the button.

Newer Brita pitcher models:-

Lights are labeled from top to bottom as:

  • Standard Filter
  • Long Last Filter
  • Replace

How to reset the new Brita filter indicator

To “reset” or “activate” the indicator, press and hold down the status button.

  • Hold the reset button for two seconds for “Standard Filter”.
  • Hold the reset button for six seconds for “Brita Longlast Filter”.

Check the filter status:-

To get the current status of the filter, press the button once for 1 second in both older and newer version pitchers.

Older models

  • Blinking Green Light = Filter is good
  • Blinking Yellow = Change soon
  • Blinking Red = Replace the filter cartridge

Newer models

  • Blinking Green = Filter is good
  • Blinking Red = Replace the filter cartridge

The filter can effectively remove chlorine taste and smell, lead contaminant, zink, and other metals and provides clean, cold water.

Brita pitcher is a well-known brand to make alkaline water.

It’s the best water filter alternative to bottled water, that’s why there are a lot of satisfied customers at present.

How do I reset Brita Faucet filters?

The style faucets filter gives you fresh, clean drinking alkaline water for a good effect on your body immediately when you turn on your tap.

Brita tap water filter has a life of 100 gallons or 4 months, whichever comes first.

When the time comes to change the old filter with the new one, you should know how to reset Brita faucet filters.

Step 1

Look at the filter indicator; it must show a flashing or red light, depending on the filter model.

Buy a Brita faucet filter replacement compatible with your model as soon as the indicator shows the need for a new filter.

Step 2

Turn the knob or push the faucet function handle. So the clean water comes from the filter, not the faucet, depending on the model.

Then turn off the water and push the cartridge release button on the filter backside.

Step 3

Hold the old cartridge and lift it to remove it. If the cartridge does not remove easily, try pushing the release button again. You can throw out or recycle the old filter.

Step 4

Remove the new filter from its packing and hold the filter with one hand along the base.

Set the filter base edge with the faucet unit and align the filter. Then slide into the corresponding holes in the system.

Step 5

Force the filter down into the system until it clicks. Turn on the faucet and let water flow through the filter for 5 minutes to activate the filter and clean carbon particles.

The rinse away period does not count in your 100-gallon filterability.


We advise you to store any unused, packages new filters for later use in a cool and dry area away from sunlight until you use it.


Why is Brita faucet filter light not working?

The Brita faucet filter light may not be working after 2-5 years because the non-replaceable sealed battery life has run out.

A manufacturing defect can also be a reason. If it is under a one-year warranty, contact Brita support to repair or replace it.

Can you replace the Brita faucet filter battery?

Yes, battery replacing is possible in Brita indicator with some degree of technical expertise.

First, you have to break the water-tight seal, and then it is possible to replace the battery.

We do not advise attempting to replace the battery because the indicator is essentially a timer to remind the replacement filter.

If the battery stops working during the warranty period (typically one year), contact Brita customer care and support for help.

Do Brita tap water filters fit all faucets?

The Brita on tap faucet filter can fit standard faucets only. These units are not suitable to fit pull-out or spray-style faucets.

Where is the Brita faucet filter indicator light?

Brita Complete Faucet Water Filter

Faucet Filter Light not Working?

Brita’s complete filter indicator light is on the front base of the filter, making it easy to see.

Brita Basic Faucet Water Filter

Faucet Filter

Brita’s basic faucet mount system light is on the top section to check it is working or not.

The indicator can sometimes be hard to see through the glass covering in these models, so you need to double-check the color.

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How long do faucet water filters last?

A faucet filter eliminates lead contaminants, chlorine taste and odor, zinc, benzene, particulates, and other heavy metals, and gives pure cold water.

The faucet filter cartridge needs to replace after every 2 to 3 months to ensure the drinking water quality when passing through the filter.

If properly maintained, the faucet-mount filter can last up to 4 years.

Although Brita and PUR faucet filter only provides clean water from one tap, the whole house water filter can provide filtered water from all your faucets.

It is the perfect solution to avoid unfiltered water from all taps.


The filters use the indicator to calculate the filter replacement time. Non-replaceable battery life is 2-5 years in a tap water filter.

If the Brita faucet filter light is not working, then it is a little difficult but not impossible to know the correct replacement time.

You can measure the remaining life of the filter by yourself. But be careful lack of reliable data can affect your drinking water quality.

You must calculate well or get rid of this difficulty by replacing it with a new faucet filter. It is up to you.

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