How Does Brita Water Filter Indicator Work

Brita pitcher is a perfect combination to work together with different parts like a filter, indicator, reservoir, lid, etc.  

The filters and indicators are the most important parts of the pitcher.

Your water filtration capacity will be badly affected if the Brita water filter pitcher or electronic sensor doesn’t do its work well.

Many of us have to face trouble with indicators during resetting, selecting mode, understanding the light signs, indicator status, etc.

So, we researched in deep and find some possible problems. That, you may get from your Brita filter indicator.

You will get a complete solution related to indicators and improve your filter’s overall performance.

Create a list of your doubts and get their solutions right now.

How does the Brita filter indicator work?

Brita water pitcher and dispenser uses three types of filter change indicators.

You can find yours from the given three types:-

brita water filter indicator
  1. Pitchers with Max Fill Line
  2. Pitchers without Max Fill Line
  3. Sticker Filter Indicator

The indicator usually activates when the lid is off for 5–8 seconds, and it depends on the size of the reservoir.

The pitcher and dispenser filter indicator count the number of times when the reservoir is filled with filtered water and calculates the changing time of the installed Brita filter.

When the green light blink, it means your Brita filter is effective, and no need to change.

If the red light blink, it means that your filter’s life is completed, and you need to replace it with new ones. You can get detailed instructions below.

If you want great tasting water quality direct from your tap, then a Brita faucet filter is the better option for you.

It is tuff to choose the best water filter jug according to your need.

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How long do Brita water filters last?

Change the filter on time and get the filtered water regularly.

It is most important to know the accurate time of the replacement filter.

It may be different for different filters. You can know the time according to your filter given below:-

Brita standard filter replacement

1. Brita Standard Filter

Brita Longlast Filter

2. Brita Longlast Filter:

  1. Brita Standard Filter: Replace after 40 gallons or after 2 months. It can save our environment by replacing 1,800 single-use plastic water bottles within a year.
  2. Brita Longlast Filter: Replace the filter cartridge after 120 gallons or after 6 months which is more effective than a PUR filter and Zero water filter.
  3. Brita Stream Filter: Install a new filter after 40 gallons of drinking water or after 2 months.

How to reset the indicator to work with Brita Standard filter?

The standard filter is effective in mercury, Zink, chlorine, asbestos, benzene contaminant, metals, and lead reduction.

After the end of your filter’s life, you need to change the old filter with a new filter according to your requirements.

If you have decided to replace it with Brita standard filter, then you can follow this indicator work instruction.

1 Firstly, you reset the indicator by pressing the STATUS button.

The pressing time is different with both filters. If you are using Brita standard filter, hold down the STATUS button for 2 seconds, then release it.

All lights start blinking simultaneously twice and after the green light next to the standard filter, blink three times to show STANDARD FILTER status.

The green light indicates the standard filter is installed and needs to change after completing 40 gallons filter.

2. Somehow, if an incorrect mode is activated, you can repeat step 1 until you activate the correct filter mode according to the installed filter.

3. The filter indicator will always blink after every filling of the reservoir and close the lid.

Blinking shows the filter’s status that is ok and working well.

4. Even you can get the current status of your installed dispenser filter whenever you want.

You only need to press the STATUS button for only 1 second and release it.

The light will start replying according to your filter status within 1 second.

5. When your filter needs to change, the red light next to REPLACE will flash. It shows your old filter needs to replace with a new one.

Install the new Brita water filter and reset the filter change indicator according to (step 1).

You can also follow these steps with Brita stream filter replacement.

How to reset the indicator to work with the Brita Longlast water filter?

The longlast uses ion exchange technology that is effective in chlorine, mercury, asbestos, benzene contaminant, and lead reduction.

The instructions are a little different for Brita’s longlast filter.

You can follow these steps to get perfect results with your best water filter jug.

1. You need to reset the filter indicator by pressing a STATUS button.

With a longlast filter, press the STATUS button for 6 seconds.

Do not release the STATUS button until the green light starts blinking three times next to the filter.

It shows that the longlast mode is activated, and you will get 120-gallon drinking water which is more effective than PUR and Zero water.

2. If you mistakenly activate the wrong mode, you can set it again according to step 1 given above.

You can repeat it until the activation of the correct filter mode for your longlast filter.

3. Brita indicator light will blink when you close the lid and after the water filter finished its work.

The indicator does excellent work to calculate the Brita filter replacement time. 

4. You can get your filter life status any time correctly, press the Status button for 1 second and release it.

The electronic indicator will indicate with the correct light for 1 second to show the current Brita filter status.

If your filter needs to be changed, then the red light next to REPLACE will start to blink.

Replace the slow longlast filter and set the indicator according to the filter for getting excellent work.

Tips for accurate tracking:

1. Open the lid, always fill the reservoir with tap water to the max filling line, and close the lid.

2. Make sure the lid is open for more than five-second only when you fill the reservoir.

3. Wait until the reservoir is empty before refilling. It helps the filter indicator to calculate an accurate number of fillings.

Tips for LAKE, METRO, and SOHO PITCHERS (Model OB58, OB11)

1. In Lake, Metro & Soho Brita water pitcher the indicator measures tap water when pouring in based on 8 fl. oz. pours.

2. These filters are easy to fill the tap water. You need to keep the lid under the tap and fill the reservoir till the lid close.

3. The light blinks after every pour to show the filter status when the green light indicates the filter is good.


How do I use my sensor with Brita Longlast filters purchased before 2019?

The longlast filter cartridge comes in blue color and has six months or 120 gallons of drinking water capacity; it is three times more than Brita standard filter.

Filter change indicator can’t track your Brita Longlife filter’s life if you purchased a tap water pitcher or dispenser before 2019.

You may think now that you have to purchase Brita smart pitcher having a supporting indicator with the filter instructions.

But don’t worry; there is no need to invest extra money for this.

Here, we are giving solutions to some questions by which you can track your longlast filter status for better work with the old pitcher indicator.

How to track my Brita Longlast filter life with an electronic indicator?

If your electronic indicator has Brita longlast option, you can easily track your longlast filter working life.

But, without this option, your indicator can track only the standard filter life.

Don’t worry, Brita can solve this problem. You can set a filter change reminder by signing up on the Brita website.

Brita will remind you by email, so it is easy to know the time of the replacement filter.

How can I track my Brita Longlast filter life with a sticker indicator?

If your Brita pitcher and dispenser have a sticker indicator, you can easily track longlast filter life with better task performance.

For the longlast, place the sticker on top of the six months after you replace your filter.

For example, if you replace the filter in January. Then set the left side of the sticker over January.

To know the Brita filter replacement time. Set the right side of the sticker indicator diagonally over June.

It helps to remind you to change your longlast filter in June.

You can also sign up for personalized filter change reminder emails to know the time to replace the filter.

How to track my Brita Longlast filter life with an old electronic indicator?

It is my view and your choice to apply or not.

If your pitcher is older than 2019 it may have an indicator with only a standard filter option.

You can track Brita’s longlast filter working life with this old indicator. You may apply a little trick.

As you know, that Brita longlast has a life three times longer than a standard filter.

  • Standard– 40 gallon – 2 months
  • Longlast– 120 gallon – 6 months

So, you have to set your indicator as the standard filter 3 times in 6 months.

You can complete 3 standard filter life with 1 fast longlast filter.

What are the black particles at the bottom of my Brita Smart Pitcher?

Your water pitcher may have black carbon particles at the bottom after weeks of filtering. That is normal with older filters.

Brita faucet filter is the better option for great tasting water quality direct from your kitchen tap.

Is Brita parts dishwasher safe?

Avoid dishwasher to clean Brita pitcher and dispenser. They are not dishwasher safe.

But you can use Brita water bottles with dishwashers except for the stainless steel model.

Always keep in mind that you should remove filters before washing.

My Brita water filter indicator light not working

If your Brita filter indicator light is not working, then you need to try it reset.

Press the STATUS button for 2 seconds for your standard filter or press for 2 seconds for your longlast filter and release.

First, all lights blink simultaneously two times, and then the green light next to the STANDARD FILTER/BRITA LONGLAST FILTER blink 3 times.

It means your indicator mode is active according to your filter.


If you are a Brita user, then you need to know about the work of the Brita water filter pitcher and indicator.

By which, you can find the correct cause behind any trouble related to filtering and save your money and time as well.

I hope this information will help you to know more about the Brita water filter indicator and its function.

You want to improve something in my information.

 So, please let me know……..

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