10 Reasons Why Zero Water Filter Slow? And How to Fix It

Zero filters claim to remove 100% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from your drinking water – contaminants like chemicals, chlorine, Zink heavy metal, and salts.

Although, sometimes the Zero Water filter is slow and doesn’t work according to our expectations.

There can be various possible reasons behind poor filter perforation.

For Example:

  1. Water Quality
  2. Air Trapped in the filter
  3. Delay in replacing
  4. Particles caught in the filter
  5. Extreme usage
  6. Incorrect filter installation
  7. New Home Piping
  8. Filtering out wrong things

There May 10 reasons, we described why your Zero Water filter could be too slow or clogged.

Below are detailed reasons, and importantly a step-by-step guide on how to fix all problems.

By following these steps, you can completely fix your Zero filter speed accurately again like before.

That will be helpful to improve overall performance and can also save your money and time.

So, let’s know the real cause of your disturbing problem.

Zero water has a good range of filters and pitchers:

Why Zero Water Filter Slow?
  1. Water Filter Dispenser
  2. ReadyPour® Water Filter Dispenser
  3. Glass Water Dispenser with filter
  4. Water Filter Pitcher
  5. ReadyPour® Water Filter Pitcher
  6. All ZeroWater filters use 5-stage filtration steps to clean unfiltered water.

The filter is NSF certified for zinc, suspended solids, Mercury, Benzene, Cadmium, chlorine (taste and smell), Asbestos, total dissolved solids, and lead reduction.

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10 Reasons why your new Zero Water Filter is slow?

First of all, keep in your mind that ZeroWater filters are made to eliminate 100% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from your drinking water.

That’s why the Zerowater filter has a naturally SLOW filtration rate.

If your filter takes half an hour to empty a reservoir, it is normal.

Otherwise, there may be a reason behind your slow zero water filter.

1. Water Quality

Water quality is the main factor behind the low water pressure of your Zero Water filter.

Also, well hard water quality may clog filters with sediment or TDS and become a cause of early replacement.

These contaminants fill the pore spaces of your water filter over time and prevent flow in the filter.

The filter produces approximately 20 gallons of clean water.

It becomes more difficult if you want the best filter pitcher for your well water.

Although, it all depends on how much TDS your drinking water has.

So, with a high level of sediment or hard water TDS, your filter will not last as long as suggested.

You can know that you should change your ZeroWater filter with different TDS levels for better results.

Tap Water TDSContaminant levelFilter Lifespan
000 – 001Equal to packed bottled water40 gallons or more
002 – 050Moderate level40 gallons
051 – 200Normal water  (USA)25 – 40 gallons
201 – 300High15 – 20 gallons
301 – 400Exceptionally high8 – 15 gallons
401 +Extreme8 gallons or less

Now, you know the TDS determines how much-filtered water you get from every filter.

That’s why ZeroWater suggests regularly testing water quality with a TDS meter, which is provided free with a water pitcher or dispenser.

We selected the best pitchers from different categories and capacities and make a great list of The Best Water Pitcher filter 2022. That gives a perfect match for specific requirements.

2. Air Trapped in the filter

Usually, we use filter pitcher water to make lemon alkaline water, coffee, food, and other daily use.

But sometimes, your Zero Water filter may work slowly because of trapped air bubbles.

It can occur with both old and brand new filters.

Once the air is trapped in the filter, it can severely slow down or stop the water flow in your filter.

You have 2 ways to eliminate air pockets or bubbles from the filter:

1. Tapping

  • Bring out the filter from the pitcher or dispenser.
  • Lightly tap on the side of the filter to break the air pocket.
  • Keep the filter under the running tap water that will help to displace the air pocket.
  • Then reinsert the filter into the pitcher or dispenser.

2. Squeezing

  • Take out the reservoir from the water pitcher.
  • Hold the filter body from its mid-section.
  • And then, squeeze the filter 4-5 times while water filters through to displace the air bubble.
  • Reinstall the filter and reservoir in your pitcher or dispenser.

ZeroWater recommends these methods but doesn’t tap the filter too hard, which can damage the bottom of your filter.

3. Incorrect Installation

The wrong installation occurs when you replace the old filter cartridge.

Incorrect installation may result in water leaking around the filter and mixing with clearly filtered water.

So, you need to follow the water filter pitchers instructions properly:

  • Remove the lid carefully and the reservoir from the dispenser or pitcher.
  • Then remove the old filter from its place.
  • Unscrew the blue protecting cover (if applicable) and packaging from your Zero water filter.
  • Install the filter with a light TWIST into the bottom of the reservoir (from below).
  • Ensure the fitting is done properly.
  • Tighten the filter for the perfect seal between the filter o-ring and reservoir.
  • The filter gasket must be seated perfectly against the water reservoir in its place.

4. Hot Water Effects

Maximum water filters are manufactured to filter only cold water, including the ZeroWater filter. It is also a great pitcher filter for a mini-fridge.

But, hot water in the filter can harm the filter irreparably, and these things will happen:

1. Your Zero water filter will start too slowly due to damage to the filter or increased TDS.

2. Your water filter pitchers may fast because hot water will create holes in the filter and the water flow rate increased.

So, ZeroWater suggests using only water at room temperature or colder with their pitchers and dispensers for better results.

5. New Home Piping

There could be junk and dirt in the new water plumbing installation, and it was leftover from the build.

You start to fill the reservoir directly from unfiltered water from the new piping. The junk and dirt may insert your zero water pitcher and clog it.

As a result, your Zero water filter speed gets very slow or may be clogged.

So, take care of it with new pipelines and allow the tap water to run for a while to avoid unwanted clogging problems.

You can talk to a plumber and ensure about a new pipeline before using a filter pitcher.

6. Filtering other liquids like cold drinks, coffee, soda

Some people try to check the ability of filters by filtering coffee, soda, and a cold drink.

That is not according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

These liquids have high contaminants, chemicals, and particles. That can your Zero water filter very slow.

Don’t do this type of mistake with your filter. It is not good for your filter and money as well.

Zerowater filter is manufactured for filtering water only and provides the same quality as bottled water.

7. Extreme usage of the filter

Most of us know what alkaline water does for the body. That’s why we make maximum use of the water pitcher.

The heavy use of water filters is also a cause of clogging and changing filters before their appropriate time.

You can easily calculate replacement filter time with the help of the TDS meter that comes with the pitcher.

Excessive use of the filter within a short period can cause the filter to have maximum contaminant stores.

That affects the filter’s capacity and performance.

If you are using a Zerowater dispenser, and you get 20 gallons of water within a short time. Then you need to change the filter more often.

So, always check the water quality with a TDS meter to ensure water purity.

You can also purchase in a bulk quantity that is more economical than a single purchase.

And ensure the uninterrupted filtered water supply for you.

8. Delay in changing the filter.

If your Zero water pitcher has produced over its certain capacity, then it may slowly store contaminants and clog the filter.

As a result, your Zero water filter is draining slow due to its longlast use.

So, remember about the right time for filter change and ensure your uninterrupted drinking water supply.

9. Defected Filter

Zero filters need to replace after every 20 gallons of filtered water.

Rarely, Zero filters become defective with no visible cause. You can confirm it by observing these conditions.

1. Very low water pressure

2.  Zero water filter slow flow, too fast filter flow or clogged.

3.  Smell presence in filtered water

4.  Filtered water has a muddy color or odd taste.

Are you facing these before filter replacing time?

No doubt your filter may have a defective layer that is not able to filter properly.

We advised you to replace the filter cartridge immediately to avoid any health problems.

10. Particles trapped in the filter

If your Zero filter starts dripping slowly, and you get some visible particles in a water filter.

It means your filter has particles that can affect the capacity and may cause algae or mold issues.

So, you can resolve this by washing out the sediments. Wash the filter gently with clean water spray from the reverse direction of the filter.

You need to do this very carefully because it can damage your filter.

Other Best Alternative for Zero Water Filter

Brita Pitcher with Longlast Filter

This Brita pitcher is made BPA-free and compatible with most refrigerators and holds up to up to 10 cups of water enough to fill three 24-ounce water bottles.

You can get perfect water taste without waste with Brita standard and Longlast filter.

Brita filter is very effective in 99% lead reduction, suspended solids, chlorine (taste and smell), Mercury, Zink heavy metal, Benzene, Cadmium, Asbestos, and total dissolved solids.

Brita water filter pitcher

PUR CR1100CV Classic Water Filter Pitcher

You can quickly and conveniently enjoy fresh, clearly filtered water inside your refrigerator with your PUR 11 cup Water Filtration pitcher. With the aid of PUR, you can make tasty drinking water.

PUR Pitcher Filtration Systems has PUR filter PPF900Z certified to remove 2X more contaminants than other brands.

PUR has been operating on innovative systems for excellent water filtration for more than 30 years.

PUR water pitcher


How to clean a Zero water filter?

First, check the filtering time by filling the reservoir and then recording the time.

Usually, a Zerowater dispenser is a low speed. But it can take hours to filter with a clogged filter.

Then find the correct cause of poor filtering of your zero water filter as we described above.

And try to unclog according to instructions.

Does the problem continue, and then you need to check your tap water TDS level.

Zero water filters are known to remove the maximum contaminant and reduce water TDS to zero levels.

If the filter is not reducing the TDS according to standard, then replace the filter instead of cleaning it.

When to change the Zero water filter?

  • Do you note that your water taste has changed? That happens due to the impurities mixing in your filtered water. Replace your water filter when you face this.
  • When you notice impurities in your drinking water, it indicates that your filter is not filtering well and cannot remove the impurities. You can see contaminants on the water tank bottom. This is the time to replace your zero filters.
  • If the filter change time is over and you feel some water change, then you need a replacement filter.
  • If your filter starts filtering at a slow rate, that is a sign of the filter is clogged and requires replacing.

Process of Zero water filter replacement.

It is not hard to replace the water filter.

All Zerowater pitchers and dispensers come with manufacturer instructions that help to change the filter.

You can also find videos that are available online and show the detailed process of filter changing.

Even if you still have any problems with changing, you can contact the ZeroWater customer care executive for more help.

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What are Zero water filter problems, and how to fix them?

As we described above in detail, you can use these solutions.

1. Replace the Zero filter at the proper time.

2. Slowly tap the Zero filter in the water or flush it under running tap water for trapped air.

3. Clean the filter under the water spray to eliminate debris and sediments.

4. Try flush from the reverse side for cleaning the particle from the filter.

5. Continuously check your water TDS quality to make sure about the purity.

6. If you are getting low-quality water from your tap, we suggest installing an extra filtration device.

Why is my Zero water filter slow or clogged?

Zero filters can slow for many reasons like air block, incorrect installation, high sediment levels, an old filter, and a defective filter.

You always keep monitoring the water TDS correctly to make sure the accurate time to replace the filter.

You can use the Zero pitcher filter in all Zero pitchers and dispensers available in the market.

Can zero water make you sick

Don’t drink tap water! You may not be safe to drink because of all the chemicals used to treat municipal water sources, such as chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, hormones, and pesticides.

These substances end up in our water supply and can cause health problems when we consume them.

According to the EPA, one out of every six Americans gets their drinking water from a private well.

Many of these wells contain levels of lead that exceed federal standards. Unfortunately, most people don’t know this.

In fact, they often think that their tap water tastes great. This is why it’s essential to look into getting a zero purification system.

A Zero water filter unit will remove harmful heavy metals like mercury and cadmium and dangerous toxins like radon, chloroform, and benzene.

Zero water filter instructions

Zero water filters come complete with detailed instruction manuals which tell you everything you need to know about operating your new product.

The information provided includes: How to install and use your Zero water filter; What types of water you should buy for your Zero water filter; How to maintain your Zero water filter; Tips for choosing the right size Zero water filter for your home.

Instructions include pictures of the installation process, so you won’t miss anything.


Zerowater pitcher has good experience to provide the best water solutions for their customers.

Many people are using Zero water filters for a long time but rarely have slow water filter complaints.

As we explained, 10 possible causes of low water pressure with an important guide on how to fix all.

These are very effective solutions to resolve slow filtering or clogged issues for a Zero water filter.

We hope you like this article and get some good information.

If you want to increase something in this so, please let me know……..

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